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chocolate candies and truffles
One can almost taste the sweetness in this close-up photo of assorted chocolates and truffles nestled in their paper wrappers.  Imagine biting into these confections and savoring their fruit, marshmallow, nut, and caramel fillings!  Just as they are delicious, some chocolates are also a work of art.

Who doesn't love chocolate? One of the best things about chocolate is that it comes in so many varieties. While chocolate is made primarily from the cacoa bean, different flavors and fillings such as ginger, chili, pepper, rum, coffee, vanilla, cardamom, and cinnamon make different types of chocolate unique.

Chocolate makes a great gift not only because most people enjoy it, but also because it is very stable and has a long shelf life. Different types of chocolate candies include:

  • Truffles. Truffles are round chocolate candies with a ganache center. Ganache, which is a mixture of heavy cream and chocolate, can be infused with a variety of flavorful ingredients including fruit purees, spices, extracts, and manufactured flavors. Ganache can also be flavored with alcoholic spirits, although this practice is much more highly regulated in the United States than it is in Europe.
  • Filled. In addition to ganache, chocolate can also be filled with caramels, butterscotch, fudge, creams and fondants, brittle, marzipan, nougat, and praline.
  • Bark. Chocolate bark is a sheet of tempered chocolate on top of which fruit, nuts, and sometimes other candies are sprinkled. Other foods included in chocolate bark are peppermint, toffee, cereal, seeds, pretzels, fruit, and crackers. Chocolate bark can be dark, milk, or white.
  • Dipped. Chocolate is so delicious, just about anything can be dipped in it. Dark, milk, or white chocolate is melted so that it can provide a smooth coating to nuts, pretzels, raisins, cookies, and just about any food you can imagine and some you can't, such as ants! Once the chocolate has set it provides a sweet, crunchy coating.
  • Fudge. Fudge is one of America's most popular homemade candies. Fudge comprises sugar, corn syrup, dairy products, and flavoring. The fudge-making process is similar to the caramel-making process, and is not exclusive to chocolate despite its name. Another common fudge flavor is peanut butter.

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